there's a problem with plastic

Plastic kills 1.5 million marine animals each year.

From wreaking havoc to our marine life, to even messing with human hormones, we continue to produce nearly 300 million tons of plastic each year. Plastic is amongst one of the most tragically abused, mankind creations. Throughout this year, it is estimated that the average American consumer will have used 185 pounds of plastic!

Why is recycling not the solution?

The recycling bin is certainly more preferable than the waste bin, but the true solution is to simply create less waste! If you're currently someone who recycles, but keeps on consuming items that use plastic, you're just not doing enough. Less than a fifth of all plastic is recycled and at the rate we are going, our world will drown in it. 

It's not too late!

Fortunately, we are not entirely doomed yet. We have endless alternatives and actions we can take to decrease our plastic footprint. 

Here is a list of things you can change to help you truly become plastic free:

  1. Carry reusable grocery bags.

  2. Carry your own containers for TO GO food.

  3. Stop using water bottles. (Simply purchase a Kangen machine ;-)

  4. Own a stainless steel container to keep all your drinks in.

  5. Cut out sodas, juices, and any other drinks in plastic containers.

  6. Buy your fruit/veggies from a market where they don't prepackage it in plastic.

  7. Please stop buying those nasty frozen meals.

  8. Chew gum that isn't packaged in plastic.

  9. Buy in bulk as much as possible.

  10. Stop using disposable plates, cups, plasticware, etc...

  11. Use bamboo-made items (Toothbrushes, hairbrushes, cutting boards, bamboo silverware, etc..)

  12. Choose glass or stainless steel containers in your kitchen.

These are only a couple methods to positively impact this movement, but there are many more specifics out there. It just depends on your lifestyle and what things you consume on a daily basis.