overland truck build

1. roof tent

We found this marvelous roof tent on amazon & it cost us about $1,200. We originally planned on getting a much more expensive tent because we wanted something comfortable and easy to set up, but when we came across this one, we read that it had amazing reviews and was more affordable. It arrived in only 2 days after ordering it. The first night we spent in it, we noticed the insulation was fantastic and even during freezing weather, we were not too cold inside! I absolutely recommend this tent for anyone looking to find something affordable that will do the job.

2. 200w solar kit

We needed something that could pull enough power, mainly for our Kangen machine and Vitamix blender. We ended up going with these 200W panels (100W each). We did not install them securely onto our truck because we didn't want to worry about anyone stealing them or them being damaged so we just take them out whenever we are stopped and there is plenty of sunlight. We try to be conservative about using our energy and not exhaust our battery, so we end up charging our electronics at a Starbucks from time to time when it's convenient.

3. agm 12v 100ah battery

We did quite some research before we pulled the trigger on a battery. We knew this would be a vital part of our set up, so we ended up going with this Renogy deep cycle 12V battery. It was a bit on the pricey side if you ask me, but definitely worth investing in something that won't give you issues later down the road.

4. 1000w pure sine wave inverter

We thought a 1000W inverter would be more than enough for what we need to power our devices, but we made sure to get a 'pure sine'. If your inverter is 'modified sine' then it could potentially mess up your devices and in turn cost you lots of money so we took no risks and decided to pay the extra buck for this item.

5. electric water pump

We originally thought about getting a manual pump, but realized we needed enough momentum in the water to run it through our kangen machine, and an electrical pump would make everything much easier. We also power this with our battery, which is fed by our solar panels.

6. magnetic phone car mount

This little magnetic tool has definitely come in handy, especially when we need the GPS.

7. sleeping bag - fits us 3

This giant sleeping bag fits both Nicolle and I, along with our lovely companion, Lotus. You'll never get cold sleeping in this thick sleeping bag and it is super comfortable. This is a great choice for couples, when it comes to camping in the cold!

8. sink

We needed a small sink that would serve the most simple purpose, which is catching the water flowing from the faucet. Nothing fancy, but was fully satisfied with it. This one also fits the metal kangen machine connector perfectly.