our travel gym equipment

1. Gymnastics Rings

We wanted to get these rings so we could set them up just about anywhere. We could easily tie them up on a tree branch, or at a park. They are perfect for allowing a full range of motion when it comes to pull ups or even dips.

2. Resistance Booty Bands

These resistance bands help tone up the booty in several ways and are useful when we are working the lower body but not necessary.

3. Resistance Bands Set (longer bands)

These resistance bands help tone up the upper body and are useful when we are trying to get that extra pump, but not necessary.

4. Dip Stand

Out of all the things in this list the dip stand and rings are the only two things that you really need. We love using this dip stand to do dips!

5. Push-up Bar

Another item that wasn't fully necessary, but as I mentioned, our health and fitness are huge to us and these push up bars will help maximize our range of motion along with giving us the opportunity to perform a wider selection of work outs while on the road.