our tech tools

1. Canon M50 Mirrorless Camera

The previous camera we had was the Canon G7X Mark II & we loved it for many reasons but felt limited since we couldn't use different lenses, take slo-mo, or pair a shotgun mic with it. For this reason, we upgraded to the M50. One thing we do want to mention is that the G7X is great in low light settings but the M50 isn't, which is a bummer because we really liked that feature! We love this camera because it's small & compact like the G7X & we can record 4K footage (unlike in the G7X) as well as the slow motion that we mentioned. Comes so handy for b-roll!

2. Shotgun Mic 

This external mic is super cheap and gets the job done! Quality is also great! We definitely recommend it.

3. External Mic 

This mic helps us get some voice recordings in but we also use it to record our voice when we are far away from the camera to get better video sound.

4. JOBY Tripod

We went for a sturdier better quality hand-held tripod to keep our camera equipment safe. We love our JOBY tripod & have zero complaints.

5. 55in Tripod

This is the bigger tripod that we own & we have liked it a lot so far because it is sturdy. It's a great deal for the price! It's so helpful when recording yourself when there's no higher surface to place the small tripod on and also for taking pictures of yourself by yourself!

6. Bluetooth Speaker

This loud speaker is awesome! The battery lasts an entire day. We could listen to music on this for almost a week if we only listen a few hours each day and the sound quality is outstanding. Definitely worth it for the price!

7. Soft Box Studio Lights

These lights have come in handy for when we are shooting certain videos and there's no natural lighting. We suggest you only buy these if you don't have good natural lighting where you want to record your videos. We don't use them as much as we used to since we only record with natural lighting now. Yellow light tends to look horrible on camera so these lights are perfect for when there is no natural lighting. We also know how to change the color settings on the video now so even if we record with bright yellow lighting we can fix it! These are not necessary whatsoever.