our kitchen essentials

1. propane 2 burner stove

We found this particular stove because of one of our favorite YouTube channels to watch, Max & Lee, really liked how compact it was along with the look of it. Fully content with this purchase!

2. blender - vitamix a3500

Our Vitamix A3500 has been essential to our lifestyle. This blender can blend it all, and best of all, it cleans itself!

3. organic, vegan, & biodegradable - dish soap

This soap has displayed nothing but greatness in the past years. It has an all purpose use (hand soap, dish soap, and body soap). We make it last longer by doing a 50/50 mix between the actual soap and 11.5pH kangen water. This lasts us a year. I recommend everyone to start using this amazing soap!

4. glass soap dispenser

This soap dispenser helps when we are our special solution of a 50/50 mix between our soap and 11.5pH kangen water.

5. glass straws

We personally enjoy our smoothies more with straws, but didn't want to contribute to plastic pollution, so we decided to cop some glass straws. They are perfect for thick smoothies and easy to clean!

6. silicone dish sponges

These sponges are reusable and easy to clean, making them more environmentally friendly.

7. reusable grocery bags - set of 3

Another way to stop plastic pollution is by simply investing in reusable grocery bags. Just keep these in your vehicle and whenever you go grocery shopping remember to walk in with them! These are great and easy to stuff and carry, as well as place in the cart.