our diet

We are currently eating a fruit-based diet. We make sure we eat what's in season as well. These are our top 6 favorite fruits right now.


We like to intermittent fast every day so we don't eat our first meal until like 1-2pm. We enjoy mono-mealing a lot because it's a lot better for digestion and nutrient absorption and we've noticed our bodies love it when we do so we do it every day, with a few exceptions some days. We start off always with the lightest fruit for better digestion so we begin with watermelon, cantaloupe, or peaches. They are amazing as a breakfast meal and very hydrating too.

After an hour or two we make some banana kangen milk. It's the best milk ever, seriously. We drink until we are full. Usually takes 5-6 bananas each!

We eat our last meal not much later than 7pm. Sometimes we have mangos, sometimes we eat an avocado, and other times we have more bananas. Currently we have been finishing up some lentils and black beans we had in bulk. So we have been having lentil soup or black bean soup for dinner pretty often.