our daily hygiene products

1. coconut oil

100% organic & natural deodorant

100% organic & natural toothpaste (fluoride-free)

We stopped using single-use toothpaste and deodorants. Now we use coconut oil along with peppermint essential oil to brush our teeth as well as a natural deodorant. We love oil pulling right before we brush our teeth and we have the cleanest whitest teeth we've ever had before. Let's not forget toxin-free pits!

2. bamboo toothbrushes

We've tried different bamboo toothbrushes and these are our favorite ones. The charcoal tips definitely make a difference. Plastic toothbrushes contribute to plastic pollution but it doesn't have to be this way if you buy bamboo ones.

3. organic, vegan, & biodegradable - body soap

This soap has displayed nothing but greatness in the past year. It has an all purpose use (hand soap, dish soap, and body soap). We make it last longer by doing a 50/50 mix between the actual soap and 11.5pH Kangen water. This soap lasts us all year. I recommend everyone to start using this amazing soap!

4. organic jojoba oil

Jojoba oil has worked wonders for the both of us. Rafael used to get dry skin and small, red bumps on the back of my neck, which haunted him for months. He tried several things, but about three days after I started applying jojoba oil, the bumps went away. Who knows, maybe it'll work wonders for you as well!

5. bamboo hairbrush

Once again, another item to keep yourself from polluting the earth with a plastic brush. Works like a regular brush!

6. microfiber towels

These microfiber towels have already proven to be a worthy purchase. They take up an insignificant amount of space and dry up in only about an hour.

7. glass soap dispenser

This soap dispenser helps when we are our special solution of a 50/50 mix between our soap and 11.5pH kangen water.

8. toilet paper

We certainly care about our earth and decided to go ahead and invest in biodegradable toilet paper. This comes in handy for when we are out in the middle of nowhere and trashing isn't always an option.

9. peeing device

This simple tool is a lifesaver for the ladies! Forget popping a squat behind a bush, simply place this device as properly instructed and do what ya' gotta do.

Don't forget to give it a rinse! We like to use 2.5pH kangen water to disinfect it and keep it clean.