Electric Food

We mainly consume Dr. Sebi approved food. These are some of our favorite choices.



We absolutely love avocados and they are a staple in our diet. Since we intermittent fast, we tend to eat them with our second meal of the day, which usually consists of quinoa and chickpeas. 
Great for the heart
Protect your vision
Prevent osteoporosis
Protection against chronic disease
Antimicrobial protection
Natural detoxification
    Proactive prevention from cancer
    Healthy babies
    Improved digestion
    Reduce risk of depression


    Chickpeas are amazing with just about anything. They are also a huge staple in our diet and we will never get tired of these crunchy, little guys. 
    Lower cholesterol
    Immune system booster’
    Regulates blood sugar
    Boosts energy
    Nervous system health
    Help weight loss
    Build muscle
    Digestive health
    Skin protection
    Important Antioxidant benefits



    This super food provides amazing benefits to the body and we try to consume a fair amount of it daily. We don't cook it, for the sake of not destroying the nutritious values, but that can apply to any fruit/vegetable.
    Natural detox
    Powerful antioxidant
    Aids digestion
    Great anti-inflammatory food
    High in potassium
    High in iron
    High in calcium
    High in vitamin A (which helps with acne)
    High in vitamin C (helps boost immune system
    Amazing cardiovascular support


     Mushrooms have a unique texture, which adds a little spin to your meals. They are great cooked and uncooked, but most of the time we throw them in with our second meal of the day.
    Treat anemia
    Lower cholesterol
    Improve bone health
    Prevent diabetes
    Prevent cancer
    Boost immune system
    Nutrient absorption
    Rich in selenium
    Increase iron absorption
    Aid weight loss



     Zucchini is often overlooked by people, since they aren't the tastiest vegetable out there, but need to be a part of your diet. These cucumber look-a-likes are extremely beneficial to the body and i recommend eating them raw to reap their full benefits.
    Protects cardiovascular system
    Helps weight loss
    Promotes men’s health
    Maintains optimal health
    Disease preventative
    Can help cure asthma
    Improves digestion
    Helps vision health
    Aids in the formation of collagen
    Reduces aging


    These shiny peppers should always be kept in your kitchen. We personally have found they are best mixed with mushrooms and kale, squeeze a little lime over the top and you'll never get enough. 
    Help prevent the development of cataracts
    Fat burners - boost metabolism
    Great for hair and skin health - increases hair growth
    Decrease anxiety
    Aids to maintain cholesterol levels
    Immune system booster
    Nourishes the fetus of a pregnant woman
    Helps the nervous system
    Reduces aging
    Ensures proper blood flow 


    Bananas are an absolute must! These are a part of our first meal. every day. We peel them and simply eat them, or we freeze them and blend them in smoothie bowls. Always start your days with fruit! The natural sugars provide great energy to get going.
    Contain a plethora of nutrients
    Moderate blood sugar levels
    Improve digestive health
    Aid with weight loss
    Support heart health
    High in fiber
    Helps fight anemia



     They say an apple a day keeps the doctors away, and I definitely agree! If you're constantly consuming the right foods, I promise health wont be an issue. These fruits provide unbelievable benefits and they're delicious!
    Great for weight loss
    Good for the heart
    Potentially decrease risk of diabetes
    Promote beneficial gut bacteria
    Substances in apples may help prevent cancer
    Help fight asthma
    Aid in bone health
    Great antioxidant benefits



    I personally love pears, their texture is great and they are great for hydration. Don't forget about these, you want to keep your fruit consumption as diverse as possible!
    Fights cardiovascular disease
    Decrease cholesterol
    Aid digestion
    Natural detox method
    Boost immunity system
    High in antioxidants
    Improve circulation
    Prevent birth defects
    Reduce inflammation
    Great for bone health


    These are hands down, our absolute favorite. You can monomeal with these deliciously sweet fruits and it is actually great for you!
    Rich in enzymes, which help break down proteins
    Contain prebiotic dietary  fiber, feeding good bacteria
    Filled with two thirds of the daily recommended vitamin C intake
    Improve hair and skin health
    Boost immune system
    Ease constipation
    Improve blood sugar regulation
    Support eye health


    I like to call peaches "beauty fruits." The reason for this is because they are actually great at maintaining your youthful looks. 
    Rich in antioxidants
    Help prevent cancer
    Great for the skin
    Aid in weight loss
    Good for the heart
    Benefit digestive health
    Help maintain vision
    Promote brain health
    Provide stronger bones and teeth
    Beneficial during pregnancy